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Care of your jewellery

Your jewellery has been crafted with care and attention to detail and should, if maintained correctly, give many years of pleasure.
Please bear in mind that jewellery is often intricate and delicately designed, so should be handled and worn with care and stored individually, preferably cased so that the finish will not be spoiled by scratching against other jewellery.
Generally gentle buffing with a soft clean jewellery cloth will help to maintain the bright lustre of gold and silver. Gem set jewellery benefits from careful cleaning in warm soapy water or a jewellery cleaning solution (try using a fine soft brush to remove debris from the back of gems) rinse in clean water and dry to avoid a film being left which can dull the jewellery. Remember to take specialist advice from your jeweller as some gems, for example pearl, coral, opal and emeralds are more prone to wear or damage.
We recommend that hairspray, cosmetics and perfumes are applied first and jewellery always last so that overspray does not affect the finish of your jewellery.

Pearls should be wiped gently after use to clean the surface so they will not lose their lustre.

Ring settings should be checked annually as claws become worn or pulled in use overtime and need to be maintained by you professional jeweller so gems can be kept secure.
White gold is usually rhodium plated which imparts a bright white finish to the cream-white colour of white gold alloys, and with wear this electroplated layer will be worn away, this happens quite quickly on jewellery worn on the hands or arms, so for example rings, bangles and bracelet may be affected in a matter of months, however earrings or pendants for example don’t tend to come into contact with hard or rough surfaces much so the finish may last for years on low wear areas. The rhodium plating can however be reapplied by the jewellery workshop.
So take care and enjoy.